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Cuyler-Brownville Project

Cuyler Brownville Project was an initiative that partnered SCAD, Habitat for Humanity, and the Historic Savannah Foundation. Its goal was to study the historic Cuyler Brownville neighborhood in Savannah, GA and provide templates for low-income housing that met with Habitat’s goals while adhering to historic design covenants and styles.

Holly Suzanne Rader

Holly Suzanne Rader decided she wanted to combine her love of dance and her fine art practice and she came up with a unique way to make a self-portrait.

Michael Porten

Michael Porten is an extremely talented, intelligent, and busy artist living in Savannah, GA. His work is exquisite and high energy. He’s a jack of all trades in that way that drives you nuts because you’re a master of none…but he is.

When I first met him I introduced myself in a local bar as the guy who’d been hounding him for to do an interview with him for several weeks, his reply was…

“Oh, I’ve been avoiding you.”

Michael is truly a gift and I was lucky enough to spend some time in his studio getting to know him as an artist and a person.


Ghost of Old Highways

Ghost of Old Highways is a film that I produced. It was masterfully directed by Dan Bush (http://www.psychopiapictures.com/) based upon the music of Ben Lovett, aka Lovett (http://www.lovettmusic.com/). This period film shot in both Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC on location off the Blue Ridge Parkway in one of the most wondrous locations I’ve ever set eyes on. A great crew, cast, and final product make this one of my all-time favorite gigs.

Micro-housing Web Series

The SCADpad was a multi-disciplinary project undertaken by the Savannah College of Art and design. We created a 5-part web series documenting the inception, classwork, creation, decoration, and conversation surrounding the project. Individuals from all over the SCAD family came together to make this micro-housing experiment come to life.


SCAD PAD E01 from Jason Piccolo on Vimeo.


SCAD PAD E02 from Jason Piccolo on Vimeo.


SCAD PAD E03 from Jason Piccolo on Vimeo.


SCAD PAD E04 from Jason Piccolo on Vimeo.


SCAD PAD E05 from Jason Piccolo on Vimeo.