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GRACO Reason for the Season

Somewhere In Utah was brought into this lovely holiday project with GRACO. A last minute campaign that went off without a hitch. We shot the Florida leg of this campaign for GRACO. Amazing generosity for families in need. Their heart was in the right place, and we were there to capture it.


This fall, Somewhere In Utah had the extreme privilege to work with one of Atlanta’s first families; the Hertz family. Known for their many charitable works, philanthropies, and their stewardship of of United Distributing, they are an exemplary family both personally and with their business’ employees.

Bread n’ Butter Productions retained us to tell the Hertz/United story over the last 75 years. The shoot took our crews to Napa, Denver, and all over the city of Atlanta to document the voices of the piece.

It was presented in two parts at their 75th Anniversary Gala at the College Football Hall of Fame in downtown Atlanta, among their customers and dear friends.

It was quite an honor to get to know such a fantastic family.

Part 1

Part 2

Battle of the Bottles


In Spring 2015, Somewhere In Utah was commissioned by Atlanta Eats and the Atlanta Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to create a series of high energy, documentary-style promos for the ACVB’s annual event, Battle of the Bottles.

We created six spots for participation venues, met some excellent folks, and got the unique privilege to show off some of Atlanta’s best locales.

Wild Is The Wind

Wild is the Wind from Ninja Puppet on Vimeo.

Wild Is The Wind is a short film I Produced and AD’ed for the wunderkind Writer/Director/Puppeteer/Hearthrob Raymond Carr. We collaborated, with the ever-talented David Bruckner as Director of Photography, to make a ‘nice little puppet horror movie’ as we called it. It was my first time working with puppets and hopefully it won’t be the last. They make far fewer demands than real people.

More about all the pots Raymond has his fingers in here…


Tim Rollins and K.O.S.

Tim Rollins and Kids Of Survival (K.O.S.) have been making art and impacting at-risk youth for decades. Rollins, almost evangelical in his approach, reaches out and collaboratively creates fine art with grade school students around the country often using culturally significant pieces of music, prose, or art as the stepping off point for the project.

Lily Tomlin

One of the great gifts bestowed upon the entertainment world is Lily Tomlin. I was lucky at a young age to have found her and her unmatchable wit. I’ve sat down with dozens of luminary artists and actors but this one was the most nervous I ever was. She’s unequaled in the world of comedy and she’s one of my idols and one of my daughter’s favorite characters too.

Marina Abramović

Perhaps the most fantastic individual I’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to. That may sound trite until you actually examine the definition of the word;

imaginative or fanciful; remote from reality.
“novels are capable of mixing fantastic and realistic elements”
synonyms: fanciful, extravagant, extraordinary, irrational, wild, absurd, far-fetched, nonsensical, incredible, unbelievable, unthinkable, implausible, improbable, unlikely, doubtful, dubious; More antonyms: rational, ordinary of extraordinary size or degree.

extraordinarily good or attractive.
“your support has been fantastic”
synonyms: marvelous, wonderful, sensational, outstanding, superb, super, excellent, first-rate, first-class, dazzling, out of this world, breathtaking

She embodies everything every artist should be or strive to be. She’s open, honest, funny, grounded, logical, challenging, innovative, expressive, and just an amazing conversationalist.


John Goodman

John Goodman got to our set after an all night shoot on the film Hangover 3 in Las Vegas and a red eye flight back east…And he was STILL the nicest and funniest human in the room that day. He’s a student of cinema but beyond that he likes to geek out about movies. And he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

Sir Ian McKellen

The closest thing to royalty that the stage and screen has, Sir Ian McKellen has played kings, wizards, and a mutant terrorist. He’s played them all with remarkable heart and clarity. From humble beginnings to global luminary, Sir Ian was a pleasure to interview.

The Fear

The Fear is a music video that I produced. It was directed by the amazing David Bruckner and for a song by the talented Ben Lovett, aka Lovett. We put the city of Atlanta to work to showcase a cavalcade of odd and intriguing imagery. This piece IS Atlanta and I was proud and humbled to be a part of helping it come to life.

More about the talented David Bruckner here…

and my favorite gentleman scoundrel of music Lovett here…