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Jason Piccolo is a writer/director/producer/dp who tells stories effectively and visually.

His creative adventures fall under the notion ‘Somewhere In Utah‘. He’s a photographer at heart and grew up telling stories with one image at a time. Moving images just offer him more opportunity to tell longer stories.

He isn’t afraid of listening to (and telling) the whole story, as long as it’s engaging.

He’s interviewed Oscar winning actors, architects, painters, sculptors, directors, wizards, and many more. He is creative, outgoing, engaged in the conversation, funny, a problem solver, ginger, a firecracker, and has won numerous Addie and Telly awards for his work.

He is ready to collaborate with you and your brand.

The one thing Jason is not?

He’s NOT in Utah.

Sadly it’s true, while his cleverly named production company is called ‘Somewhere In Utah’, Jason is based in the southeast but available worldwide.

Jason Piccolo